Convenient Portable Storage

Store Your Items With Our Help

Take advantage of portable storage for your moving situation. Don't have room to store things now? Our team can help!

Let us take the hassle out of moving. Our team will schedule your delivery or keep your items stored for you. Contact Penguin Moving & Portable Storage today!

Let Us Show You a Better Way to Move

Portable storage units provide you with the easy option of packing and storing your items on your time. If you're moving, have outgrown your home, or you need to store your items because of home damage, portable storage is the perfect option.
Our affordable options create the perfect solution for your short-term or long-term storage needs. Let our team take the stress out of your move!

Easy Packing of Your Belongings

Portable storage gives you the freedom to pack your home in the time frame that you see fit. Our team will drop your unit off and you can fill it according to your own schedule. Packing has never been so easy.

You'll Love Our Moving and Storage Solutions

  • Easy fit right on your driveway
  • Pickup and drop-off to your schedule
  • Temporary storage while you move
  • Clean units
  • Licensed and insured drivers

Portable Storage Unit Delivery on Your Time

Although we recommend that you have someone present when your delivery is scheduled, it's not entirely necessary. Call Penguin Moving & Portable Storage today and schedule your portable storage unit delivery. Our team will take care of the rest.
Call us to get a FREE estimate!
Get in touch with us to schedule your portable storage unit delivery. Our team is sensitive to your schedule.
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